About tutORial Modules

This project aims to develop a large library of self-contained entities called modules, each dedicated to a relatively "small" OR/MS topic. Some modules will consist of collection of other (sub) modules.

Although the modules will vary significantly in size, shape, content, structure, style and so on, they will typically have (some of) the following ingredients:

Although in principle we apriori do not exclude the possibility of providing modules that are based exclusively on text and (static) images, say a Latex file of lecture notes on an OR topic, this is not the main thrust of the project.

Rather, in this project we are primarily interested in developing modules that include computational engines and/or animation facilities on board.

This is not to say that IFORS is not interested in purely text-based OR educational modules. In fact we are very interested in such modules. Indeed, IFORS Educational Resources Committee is developing a database that welcomes such modules and we would like to encourage you to contribute such modules to the database.

It is just that the focus of this particular project is on modules that provide not only text, but also computational and/or animation facilities.