The Modules

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Dynamic Programming
  Die Hard at the Pub
  Towers of Hanoi
  New Towers of Hanoi
  Shortest Path Problem
  Dijkstra's Algorithm
  Knapsack Problem
  New Knapsack Problem
  Critical Path Method
  Chained Matrices
  Replacement Problem
  Bridge & Torch
  Dropping Eggs
  False Coin Problem
  Traveling Salesman Problem

Graphs and Networks

  Shortest Path Problem
  Dijkstra's Algorithm
  Topological Sort
  Transitive Closure

Integer Programming

  Branch and Bound (Knapsack)
  Gomory Cuts
  Royal Optimization
  New Royal Optimization
  8 Easy Pieces

Linear Algebra
  Row Operations
  The Equator
  The Inverter
  The Determinator

Linear Programming
  The Simplex Place
  Virtual Duality
  Dual Simplex Method
  Transportation Simplex Method
  Hungarian Algorithm

  M/M/1 Queues
  G/G/s Queues
  Queueing Networks
  Random Generator Tester

  Geee Park